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How to Understand Facebook Fan Insights

Once your the Facebook Page for your business reaches 30 + likes, you then have access to the analytics of your page.  At first glance all the information available can be a little overwhelming and it can be difficult to know where to start, so today we’re talking about how to understand Facebook fan insights.


This section provides an overview of the most important information for your page and includes information about the number of people liking/unliking your page, the number of people who are seeing your posts, and the engagement of your Facebook Page posts which counts the percentage of people who saw your post and liked it, clicked on it, shared it or left a comment.


The Likes section of your page analytics shows you a graph of the growth of your Facebook page in relation to it’s audience.  You can also select specific time periods to look at the data. This area also shows you where your likes are coming from, for example if people visit your page and like it or like it from an ad, sponsored post or page suggestion.


This section shows you whether your Facebook Page posts are being seen by people organically as they search through their Facebook news feeds or through paid advertising.  It also helps you learn how people are interacting with your Facebook posts by breaking down the numbers of likes, shares and comments of your posts.  This section also includes information about the number of unlikes your pages has received, details of posts people have chosen to hide from their news feeds and the number of times someone has reported to Facebook your page or posts as spam.  This type of information is useful to help understand your audience and what they don’t want to see.


This section gives you information on what areas of your Facebook page people are visiting the most (timeline, photos etc) and also which websites are referring people to your Facebook page.


The Posts section is the place where you can find out what days and times your audience is online.  This section also tells you which posts your audience engages with the most – links, photo, text only etc.


Here you can see detailed information about the demographics your Facebook audience with information including the split between male and female, ages, languages and location of your audience.

How do you use your Facebook Page fan insights?

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