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How to Create a Facebook Ad Using Facebook Insights

If you want to improve your Facebook marketing results, it’s essential to analyse your Facebook Insights when putting together any Facebook advertising campaign.

Facebook insights gives your real time data and can assist you make the best decisions about which audience to target when putting together an advertising campaign. Learn how to create a facebook ad using insights below.

What is Facebook Insights?

Your Facebook Insights provides invaluable information about your Facebook fans which can help you tailor and target your advertising accordingly.  You can also use your audience insights to find potential new clients and customers through targeting groups of people who have the same location, interest and characteristics of those who already follow your Facebook Page.

How is the data collected?

Facebook insights data is collected both through self reporting (the information people share on their personal profile pages, likes etc within Facebook) and off Facebook data which is collected by external companies and includes information about purchasing behaviours, hobbies/activities etc.  It’s important to bear in mind that this external data will have quite a lot of variance in it which may impact it’s accuracy.


How to find your Audience Insights

  • Select ‘Audience Insights’ in the Ad Manager toolbar.
  • From the pop up window, select ‘People Connected to Your Page’.

You will now have your audience insights information displayed.  The default setting is ‘Demographics’ and you will need to scroll further down the page before you see a drop down menu which says ‘People Connected To’.  Even though you are using the Audience Insights for your page, you are still required to select your page name in this field.

Next you will see an array of metrics for your audience including their age, gender, relationship status, education level etc.

Based on the information you find in your Audience Insights, you can now put together a new target audience or add to your current audience or why not try a split test campaign to determine which group gets better results.

By using this information you will be able to create more directed advertising campaigns which will have a stronger impact on your audience and in turn business.

How to create a Facebook Ad using Facebook Insights

Once you have created these target audiences, you can then use this information in Power Editor (under ‘Saved Groups’) to immediately start creating engaging Facebook ads for your audience.

Do you use Facebook Insights when creating your Facebook advertising campaigns?


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