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Facebook Power Editor – Why We Love It!

FB Power Editor Why We Love It

If you are looking for more control over your Facebook advertising and need to create a large number of Facebook Ads, Facebook Power Editor is for you.

What is Facebook Power Editor?

Facebook Power Editor is a tool which has been designed for advertisers who need to create multiple ads at once and still maintain control over their ad campaigns.  It allows you to download all of your data from Facebook Ads Manager and create multiple Facebook Ad campaigns, Ads and Ad Sets which then start running with the click of a button.  To be able to use Facebook Power Editor you will need to install a plugin which is compatible only with Google Chrome.

Facebook Power Editor – Why We Love It!

Just a few of Facebook Power Editors features that we love include:

  • New features are often released in Power Editor first before being rolled out to the Ad Manager area.
  • You can run ads of a time zone independent schedule by choosing to run your ads at times when your Facebook audience is online.
  • As well as being able to optimise your ads for clicks, post engagement and impressions, you can also select daily unique reach which gives you access to bid on impressions but limits their views to once per day.
  • You can upload an Excel spreadsheet of your ads and download them as well using Power Editor.
  • Power Editor gives you the option of using unpublished posts.  We love unpublished posts as they let you split test your ads without the need to post multiple times on a page, plus they also give you a call to action button.

Do you use Facebook Power Editor? What do you love about it?

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