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How To Best Use Group Boards On Pinterest

A group board on Pinterest is a board that allows more than one person to contribute to. They work exactly like a regular board, the only key difference is that you, as the owner, invite others to pin to it also.  Using a group board can provide a business with fantastic exposure and benefits. Let’s … Read More

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Pinterest Analytics Under A Microscope

Pinterest Analytics Under a Microscope In a recent article, we discussed how your business could leverage off the analytics that Pinterest provides businesses. (link to “How To Benefit From Pinterest Analytics). The details on offer, for free, give you the chance to take some pretty impressive data and scrutinize it under a microscope. Let’s take … Read More

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How To Benefit From Pinterest Analytics

How To Benefit From Pinterest Analytics Pinterest has taken their ever-so-popular pinboard site to a new level, giving businesses the opportunity to not only verify their websites and set themselves up as a credible profile, but now gain access to a whole new set of analytics which are proving to be very powerful.  The data … Read More

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How To Create a Board on Pinterest

  Organising your pins on Pinterest is as easy as creating a few strategically themed boards to house them. Themed boards are quick to establish and let you draw together similar content ideas into easily searchable virtual displays. Here’s how you do it: When you sign in to your Pinterest account you have two options … Read More

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Why Your Business Needs A Pinterest Presence

Pinterest for your business is a must-have inclusion to your social media portfolio. This virtual pinboard is a clever tool to get attention for your products, fast, by showcasing great product images or logos. It’s becoming the top place for social savvy businesses to promote themselves, especially in areas where visual marketing is crucial – … Read More