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Benefits of Using a Business Page Instead of a Personal Profile on Facebook

Facebook designs its business pages specifically for connecting with fans and customers, offering a range of features quite different from those on the basic personal profile pages. Ignoring the important differences between the two could be detrimental to your growing business.

Facebook terms of use are very clear

Facebook imposes strict rules about using a real name when creating a personal profile. Creating a personal profile with a business name therefore puts you at serious risk of having your account shut down.

Advertising opportunities abound

Whether you are a fan of Facebook’s promotional services or not, the only way you can take advantage of them is with a business page. Creating tabs to engage your audience and running giveaways and competitions are also features not available on personal profiles.

A friend limit can result in your business grinding to a halt

Facebook personal profiles have a 5000 friend limit. Should you choose to use this over a business page you will be turning away customers once you’ve reached 5000. People are also resistant to following a business that asks to be added as a friend. We are all happy to ‘like’ and follow businesses, but we are inclined to be more cautious about who sees our personal information. If you choose to use only a personal profile, you are opening up a whole heap of potential privacy issues.

Gain an insight into your customers and followers

Even for those not au fait with technology, Facebook provides ‘insights’ which business page owners can access. These statistics and graphs are easy to understand and include facts like the demographics of the page’s fans and the types of posts that receive the greatest engagement. For those that choose Facebook as their only online presence, this is a fantastic free bonus!

Keeping a close eye on your competition

Having the opportunity to keep a close eye on what other Facebook business pages in your niche are achieving, or not, is very powerful. Facebook’s ‘Pages To Watch’ feature allows you to select 5 competitor pages to monitor. You’ll be able to compare your performance with theirs and have access to some very sneaky, yet above-board, opportunities. The number of new likes, how many posts they shared and their weekly engagement stats are just the start.

Engaging your audience even when you are not around

Being able to schedule content on your Facebook page allows you to keep in touch with your followers even when you are not physically around. It makes your life so much easier and helps keep you organised. Simply write when you have time, then set the clock to post it at an advantageous timeslot.

Search engines index Facebook pages very efficiently based on the keywords used in the page title. Leveraging off this key feature, as well as the myriad benefits listed here, your business really can benefit from being set up as a separate Facebook entity. If you need assistance with any of Facebook’s features, engage a social media expert to ensure your business is set up to win!
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