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How To Benefit From Pinterest Analytics

How To Benefit From Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest has taken their ever-so-popular pinboard site to a new level, giving businesses the opportunity to not only verify their websites and set themselves up as a credible profile, but now gain access to a whole new set of analytics which are proving to be very powerful.  The data provided gives business owners the chance to be more effective with their pinning strategies and gain more exposure.

Who are your audience on Pinterest?

Pinterest analytics give business users an insight into who is engaging with their brand.  You’ll be able to see exactly who interacts with your boards, what other things are of interest to them and other businesses they follow.  Further details on their gender and where they are located is also on offer.  You may find they follow businesses that are in direct competition with you and you can get a head up as to what they like.

What content is most favourable

Learning about what content pinned and shared is most effective is a great bonus.  You’ll be able to view whether the use of specific keywords and hashtags is beneficial and how choice of category can increase visibility.  Following these trends overtime give a great insight and can help you plan for future use of Pinterest.

This fantastic free information can empower you to tailor make new content to impress your followers even more and cut back on the areas that are not as exiting for them.    Having the opportunity to find out exactly what your customers want is priceless!

What content from your website does your audience enjoy

Pinterest have taken their analytics a step further and give you details on the amount of traffic your website receives from images pinned and also when you add a Pin It button to your site, you can also see the content from your site that they love and share.

Take the time to understand the information being provided to you and take action on the recommendations on offer.  Knowing how to increase clicks and repins, and get more traffic to your site will go a long way to increasing your customer engagement and sales.  Doing more of what your visitors like and less of what they don’t is a magic formula.

If you need help setting up your business Pinterest account and accessing your unique analytics, engage a social media expert to help get you on the right track.

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