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Hi there, I’m Kristy. Contact me today if you want to know why expert social media management is the key to a profitable business. Used the right way, the social media environment is a place where magic happens! Sales, engagement, networking – it’s all there, if you know where to look. How do I know all this? I’ve been there!

A social media manager who puts the power in your hands

I’ve had over 7 years’ experience in business management and HR, including running my own business since 2011. In under a year, I grew my first online enterprise from a brand-new start-up to a thriving business with a 5000-strong Facebook community. I then sold it on for a healthy profit. I understand how to make social media work beyond the basics of ‘sharing’ and ‘liking’. I can save you endless hours of research with social media training that gets straight to the nitty gritty of what you need to know today. You may have to learn a magic trick or two – but it’s not rocket science. Empower yourself by making online media marketing tools work for you as well as they have for me!

Expert social media strategy and training

After I sold my first business, I saw a niche in the virtual assistant industry and created Mum’s Virtual Assistant. Now in very high demand, we work for some of the biggest brands in Australia. I see a lot of businesses with huge potential that can’t quite get the reach they deserve using conventional marketing approaches. I know that the right social media strategy is the one tool that can lift a business to a whole new level of success.

Let me coach you in social media management. I can show you how to use Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook marketing to maximise the visual impact of your products or brand name in the social media business environment. I’ll wave my magic wand and conjure up the most effective social media strategy for your brand and give you all the tools you need to become your own online media marketing wizard.

Contact me now for social media management training that’s affordable, practical and utterly engaging! Put the power in your hands and get real results for your business.




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